To all of you that are stilling waiting for your BLUE vinyl

To all of you that are stilling waiting for your BLUE vinyl, here is an update:

Our latest full length, Plans Within Plans, has unfortunately hit a small snag. All the black and randomly colored vinyl has been done for two weeks now and have shipped to distribution and to us, so if you ordered a copy from the Merch Arsenal (randomly mixed color vinyl) or from an online retailer like Amazon (black vinyl) you should either already have your record or be receiving it soon. Unfortunately, before the translucent blue were completed the stack of labels got shredded on the press so the plant had to order new ones. Once the new ones arrived at the plant we had even more bad luck when a stamper (one of the metal plates that's used to actually 'press' the record) broke and had to be replaced. We were told the records were back on the press again, so we should have them very shortly and to you very soon.

We are very sorry about the delay. There will be something extra in your shipment and we will send it out as soon as the vinyl arrives. Thanks for your patience!

Tour Dates

Event Date Location
10/01/2014 Brighton Music Hall
Boston, MA
10/02/2014 Gramercy Theatre
New York, NY
10/03/2014 The Black Cat
Washington, D.C.
10/04/2014 Altar Bar
Pittsburgh, PA
10/05/2014 The Waiting Room
Buffalo, NY
10/07/2014 Lee's Palace
Toronto, ON
10/08/2014 The Magic Stick
Detroit, MI
10/09/2014 The Southgate House
Cincinnati, OH
10/10/2014 The Firebird
St. Louis, MO
10/11/2014 Mojoes
Joliet, IL

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