And the winner is...

MxPx Fan Of The year 2005!
It's 2005, and we're still alive!

After going through tons of entries, debating night and day, day and night, and
then doing it again... we chose a winner for our fan of the year.
Now remember... ALL our fans could be, and should be a fan of the year... every
year, every day! but we can only pick one. So thank you all for being there,
and being a part of our family.

The winner... for 2005's FAN OF THE YEAR IS....
Laurel Powers of South Carolina (by way of the Ukraine!).
Laurel filmed a kind of "day in the life" sort of thing and sent it our way. She
filmed herself doing her normal stuff but it's pretty apparent that she's not
normal! She's a HUGE fan. The entry included all sorts of testimonials from
friends and from a teacher as well. We really thought it had a lot of heart!

Congratulations Laurel!
We'll be sending out your beautiful prize soon... an awesome signed Alvarez
acoustic guitar and case! And we'll also be setting up a time to give your
phone a ring... we just have to figure out what time it is in the Ukraine!
Don't wanna call in the middle of the night! (Or maybe we do???)

Once again, congrats to Laurel and thank you to everyone else that participated.
We have some really great fans. Each and every one of them.

Are you working on your 2006 entry yet?

Rock on!
Mike, Tom and Yuri.

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