All "good" things must come to an end... or at least come to an end...

MxPx originally signed with A&M records in 1998 in an arrangement with Tooth and Nail allowing the band to have additional opportunities not available to the independent labels. However, in the world of corporate record companies, the small "boutique" A&M records became part of Interscope Records who clearly could not embrace MxPx even though the band's continued to have a growing fan base and toured to sell out venues. After years of frustration, MxPx and Interscope
(A&M) Records have parted ways...

Mike Herrera said, "For the first time since we got signed in 1993, we are unsigned. No contracts, no obligations, no problem. The future is opened wide."

Yuri added, "Now that we've fulfilled our obligation to Interscope I look forward to a new beginning."

The band is now in the studio working on new material and weighing all of their options... Creighton Burke, the band's long time manager added, "It's not everyday a band like MxPx are "Free Agents" they have a world of options available and I am as excited about this as anything that has ever come their way. The band sells records consistently and more importantly has great fans who care and want the band to win."

In an internet "petition" that was lobbying Interscope to release "Well Adjusted" as a single Burke commented, "I was stunned... I thought, while it was moot, this thing carried thousands of signatures all asking Interscope to release the single we thought should launch the band's last record, "Before, Everything and After." The song was part of a soft drink campaign that first aired during the Super Bowl.

Mike continued, "Anything can happen from here. We're really excited about what the future holds. We feel like schoolboys on the first day of summer."

Tour Dates

Event Date Location
07/24/2015 The Observatory
Santa Ana, CA
07/25/2015 The Observatory
Santa Ana, CA

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