Mixing BEAA

A huge step was taken in the last few weeks when Tom and Chris Lord-Alge finished their mixes of the new mxpx record, "Before Everything & After." Here's a quote from Mike on the finished mixes...

"Everything sounds amazing and Tom can't stop bouncing off the walls about it.. he's giggling like a little girl!"

The record is now moving to the final stage of completion, Mastering, when George Marino at Sterling Sound in NYC adds the final touches before the record goes into manufacturing. George's credits include (digitally remastering) AC/DC's "Back in Black", (mastering) Social Distortion's "White Light, White Heat, White Trash," and The Cars self titled debut. Needles to say... George has been around and worked with a wide variety of artists!

In other news MxPx's leg of the Good Charlotte/ New Found Glory Tour officially kicked off with a bang! After a weeks worth of warmup shows which had a surprise visit from Stephan Egerton on guitar when MxPx bust into The Descendents classic "Silly Girl", the shows were right on target. What else would you expect!

A short quote from Yuri shows how he felt while he was out on the road .... " (it's been) a family reunion of sorts. A lot of people crewing for the tour have crewed for us at one time or another, so it is nice to see so many familliar faces. We have been having a lot of fun, so far the tour has been a blast."

Tour Dates

Event Date Location
10/01/2014 Brighton Music Hall
Boston, MA
10/02/2014 Gramercy Theatre
New York, NY
10/03/2014 The Black Cat
Washington, D.C.
10/04/2014 Altar Bar
Pittsburgh, PA
10/05/2014 The Waiting Room
Buffalo, NY
10/07/2014 Lee's Palace
Toronto, ON
10/08/2014 The Magic Stick
Detroit, MI
10/09/2014 The Southgate House
Cincinnati, OH
10/10/2014 The Firebird
St. Louis, MO
10/11/2014 Mojoes
Joliet, IL

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