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The End of an Era: MxPx's Yuri Ruley Retires
Bremertons MxPx have just announced the retirement of drummer Yuri Ruley who is leaving the band to focus more on family life.

The announcement comes just 2 days after the band celebrated their 18 year anniversary.

They'll be playing a "farewell Yuri" show in Vegas on July 18th at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas. As a special treat, the show will also celebrate the 14th anniversary of the "Life in General" record, which will be played in it's entirety.

Ruley had this to say about his departure: "With MxPx being a touring band and constantly on the road 9 months out of the year, I knew at some point it would have to come to an end, but the reality of it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. MxPx has been my second family for nearly two decades, but I need to step away to focus on raising my family."

MxPx will continue, though scaled back with only occasional shows and recording projects. Frontman Mike Herrera will continue to work on his "Tumbledown" project and Tom Wisniewski will be keeping plenty busy as well.

As a kid that grew up in Bremerton and listened to The End, MxPx was a BIG part of my musical life throughout late Jr High and High School. It was the coolest thing in the world knowing that a couple of guys from down the road could actually get on the radio, go on tours, and make music videos etc.

That sorta stuff just didn't happen.

A couple quick memories:
I remember being a freshman or sophmore in high school and seeing a picture of Herrera in some magazine rocking a pair of Converse. I thought to myself, "woah, those are awesome, i need to get a pair". Not a day hasn't gone by since that I haven't rocked a pair a Chuck's (wearing 'em right now).

The guys also taught me how cool it was cool to like your home town. When you're 14 years old and mad at the world, everything sucks. The majority of bands I listened to talked about how terrible where they grew up was. It seemed like the cool thing to do.

These guys were the opposite. They were from Bremerton and were proud of it. They even wrote a song about it that was on THE END. There were people in my high school that SAW THEM SHOOT THE VIDEO!!!
This was very exciting stuff, especially for a sophmore in high school.

I've always tried to follow MxPx's lead and champion our town by expressing the same enthusiasm and positive energy that they have done. It really is a great place with great people.

Since I've worked at the station, I've gotten to know the band fairly well and my "MxPx experience" has only gotten cooler.

A lot of times you meet bands/artists you look up to and it's a disappointment. It's not there fault, it's just that most people can't live up to the pedestal that you have put them on.

Not the case with MxPx, they couldn't have been cooler or more personable. Again, I wouldn't call a ton of bands my friends, we have more of a "working relationship. I can say with sincerity that Mike, Tom and Yuri are friends.

The station has done a bunch of events with MxPx since I've been here... for me, the best has to have been the Endfest 16 after party.

It was in some shitty bar in Pioneer Square, I left the Pumpkins early so I could see the show... and they didn't disappoint.

They said after a song or two "We're a bar band tonight" and launched into an epic mix of their own songs and fast paced, in your face covers that just fit. It was the perfect end to a long day. In fact, I'm pretty sure there is still a drunken voicemail of me that exists somewhere talking to SB after I left the show that very much proves how excited I was. It's nice to feel that way about a band/show.

I know it's not the end of the band, but with Yuri leaving, it's certainly the end of an era and maybe a sign of things winding down. Whatever the future holds for these guys, 18 years is a hell of a run, so thanks for everything. We'll see you at the Manette.

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07/24/2015 The Observatory
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07/25/2015 The Observatory
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