Ugly Punk Review

We love our friends in Germany. Here's a Plans Within Plans review from Ugly Punk.

Don't forget to catch us next month!

8April Stuttgart @ Zwolfzehn
11April Koln @ Blueshell
15April Regensburg @ Alte Malzerei
16April Hannover @ Bei Chez Heinz

Flix Records Pre-Orders

Europe! Pre-order our new record from Flix Records. They are offering various bundles, colored vinyl, and cheap shipping to every country in Europe.

Dying Scene Acoustic Sessions

Check out Mike's performance in the Dying Scene Acoustic Sessions series!

Pop-Punks from Germany Review

Warning! It's in German, so keep your wits about you when you click the "Translate" button!

Seattle Weekly Thinks We're Vital...

MxPx's Plans Within Plans Finds the Band Sounding More Vital Than They Have in Years

That's music to our ears, courtesy of Seattle Weekly. Check out the article here

Congratulations to our 2011 Fan of the Year Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of our 2011 Fan of the Year Contest, Nicholas and Amanda Kent! They submitted a great entry with a video of the two of them asking each questions on why they are such big fans of the band as well as many pictures of them over the years at different shows, with the band and just showing their support. Check out some of the pics from the entry!

Plans Within Plans Pre Orders!

The Plans Within Plans Pre Order bundles are now available at the Merch Arsenal! There are three bundles to choose from:



- Plans Within Plans CD
- Plans Within Plans LP (Blue Translucent or Random Color Vinyl)


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