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Yesterday MXPX announced that drummer, Yuri Ruley would be retiring to focus on raising his family as the band plans to scale back on touring. Yuri was one of the founding members of MXPX that just celebrated 18 years together as a band. He also happens to be one of the nicest guys in music I've met.
In November of 1996 a cassette tape called "Life In General" by MXPX changed my life. One might think it's funny that a punk rock album, or any album for that matter, could really change someones life…But "Life In General" did change mine! What I originally purchased on cassette tape I would eventually buy several times on CD. The album still remains #1 on my list of favorite albums and track #11 Today Is In My Way" still remains one of my all time favorite songs.
Before Life In General my music tastes were stuck in the Christian bubble of cheesy CCM bands. The first time I heard Life In General it was like hearing music for the first time. It was fast, melodic, and during the life changing time of puberty, the lyrics spoke to me as if they were written directly to me. Starting out with the first five words of the album, "emotion, is my middle name." Opening my ears to a completely new style of music lead me to explore other music styles and bands. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Life In General, I would not have the same wide respect and taste for music as I do today.
Not only did the lyrics positively affect my life, but the band also drove me to become a musician. First starting on bass and moving onto guitar by learning MXPX songs from tabs online. I would not be the musician I am today (not that I am a good one) had I not started playing MXPX songs in my room over 10 years ago.
18 years and 2.5 million records sold…99.9% of bands only dream of that kind of success and MXPX had it. They don't act or live like big time rock stars with big houses and lots of cars but they have done what they love for over half of their lives. Again something most people only dream about.
I've seen the band play around a dozen amazing live shows over the years. So even with them not touring full-time anymore, I can still see them play festivals and one-off shows as well as hear the new music they release. Their story doesn't end today. Yuri's time and story with the band may end but the impact the 3 members of MXPX had in my life will last a lifetime.
What about you? What album was life changing for you?

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MxPx Returns to Vegas For Their Final Performance Before Yuri's Retirement



Vegas Set List To Include Fan Favorites "Chick Magnet" And "Move To Bremerton" From Their Acclaimed Album, Life In General

Los Angeles, CA, July 8, 2010Two days after their 18-year anniversary, Bremerton, WA trio MxPx announces the retirement of their drummer Yuri Ruley, as the band plans to scale back
on touring but will continue to play select shows and release new material. In addition to this announcement, the band will be performing in Las Vegas on July 18th as a farewell to Ruley
and celebration of their most celebrated release to date by performing the entirety of third LP, Life In General.

After 18 years and nearly 2.5 million records, having helped pave the way for pop-punk music, Ruley will be departing the band in order to focus more on his family life. "With MxPx being
a touring band and constantly on the road 9 months out of the year, I knew at some point it would have to come to an end, but the reality of it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. MxPx has been my second family for nearly two decades, but I need to step away to focus on raising my family."

With Ruley's departure, MxPx will be scaling back a bit to focus on the completion of their new live DVD/photo book and new EP. Vocalist and bassist Mike Herrera will lean his focus to Tumbledown's sophomore release and guitarist Tom Wisniewski will continue with MxPx in conjunction with his new full-time job.

"The current economy crisis has affected everyone in some way. For us as a mid-tier band that relies on consistent touring as a steady source of income, we've been affected drastically. Touring costs have sky-rocketed and companies have limited their marketing dollars, resulting in most bands being barely able to cover current road costs," says Wisniewski. "I had no choice but to limit my availability on the road to get a full time job to support my family, but will continue to perform select MxPx dates and continue making music."

Not to be confused as the band's final show, the bittersweet performance and farewell to Ruley will be the band's first appearance into Sin City since September 2008 and will celebrate the near 14-year anniversary of their most notable album release to date, Life In General, with a live full album performance at the Hard Rock Hotel for their faithful fans.

"This will be a night to celebrate both the band and our fans who have supported us and will continue to support us now and in the future," says Herrera.

The music of MxPx has been known for its ability to unite formerly distinguished fan bases such as the skate/surf community and the punk underground, MxPx used this wide variety of fans as a catalyst for the release of Life In General in 1996, which is notably the bands first mainstream success to date with tracks "Chick Magnet" and "Move To Bremerton," having launched them to the top of the alternative charts in 1996.

MxPx will continue to perform in festivals and one-off dates with Chris Wilson (The Summer Obsession) sitting in on drums. MxPx All-Stars will embark on a new International tour to Australia in early 2011, which will feature the same line-up from their first tour to Japan and Malaysia ��" Mike Herrera, Kris Roe of The Ataris and Chris Wilson. Also, stay tuned as long awaited full-length album of MxPx's side-project, Arthur, featuring all three members and their former tech assistant Neil Hundt will be released later this year.

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