MxPx Friday: Music Video of the Week!

Happy Friday everyone! For this week's MxPx Friday we went way, way back to our first album, Pokinatcha, to pick the music video.


MxPx Friday: Name That Tune!

"Times are good and times are bad, but these are the best times that I've ever had..."

Sound familiar? It's "This Weekend" off of the album Panic!

Here's hoping you have more good times then bad this weekend!

Kevin Jonas a Fan!

Goes to show, you just never know who you're going to influence.

Rock on, Kevin!

MxPx Friday: Free Download!

Happy Friday!!
This week's MxPx Friday is a special gift to our fan club members. If you are a member, go to and check out our news item "MxPx Friday: Free Download", that will give you a link to download our version of Take Me Out to the Ball Game, a never before released song.
Not a member of PxPx? Then sign up! Not only will you receive this song but you will also receive our yearly Christmas song, an exclusive website, a store discount on MxPx merch, automatic entry into our contests, and a membership package which includes a t-shirt, photo, stickers, buttons (only available if you choose the full membership option). Go to for full details and to sign up!
Have a rawkin' weekend!


Los Angeles, CA May 21, 2010-" World-traveling Bremerton, WA musician Mike Herrera is a familiar name to those involved in the pop-punk music scene. As songsmith for both his rockabilly band Tumbledown and the Left Coast three-piece punk band, MxPx, for over 17 years, Herrera has left an indelible impression on his fans and critics alike. Now, he is taking his own, very personal solo act south of the border and returning to his South American fans after a four-year hiatus.

Practice session for the Cayman show!

Check out this short little video, filmed by Tom, of our Cayman show practice session. Whoa-oh!

MxPx Friday: Trivia!

What was the first music video MxPx ever filmed?

Answer: Want Ad

We Plan to "Do Something" On Saturday

We'll be heading down to Grand Cayman Island to play at Thanks to Do Something World for having us!

MxPx Jewelry! Now available in the Arsenal!


Custom made Mxpx jewelry now available in the MxPx Arsenal!

*Each piece is
one of a kind and made by Michele Herrera.

* These pieces are made from Bass or Guitar strings and all include some
part that is MxPx significant. It was either used by the band at some point
or made exclusively for this purpose.

Tour Dates

Event Date Location
03/13/2015 Gothic Theatre
Denver, CO
03/14/2015 The Showbox
Seattle, WA

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