Mike's 2009 Favorite Foods

Mike's got a very interesting top ten food experiences of 2009 from all over the globe.

Check it out!

All Stars Video Blog - Bandung Calling

There's a MickeyD's no matter where you go...

All Stars Video Blog - Fast Times in Malaysia

Make the stop in Kuala Lumpur with us...

All Stars Video Blog - Behind the Iron Curtain

Visit the guys while they make a quick stop in Beijing!

Track by Track: Punk Rawk Christmas

Check this out! Mike and Yuri walk us through each song on MxPx's Punk Rawk Christmas.

Alternative Press Features: Track-by-Track MxPx's Punk Rawk Christmas

All Stars Video Blog - Funny Business Backstage

I'm not sure how to explain this one...just watch it!

All Stars Video Blog - Osaka Show

Couldn't make it to Japan? You're in luck; here's some great show footage!

RED Album at Amazon

"Punk Rawk Christmas" RED album is exclusively on sale at

This physical copy includes all fourteen tracks available on the digital download, however the artwork is an alternative to the GREEN album, which is a Limited Edition sale only at the Arsenal

SOOOO many items for stockings this year!

All Stars Video Blog - Soundcheck

Ever been to soundcheck? Mike, Kris and Chris work the kinks out of the system with Tommy Rat looking on in Nagoya.

Praise for "Left Coast Punk" EP

"MxPx have built their legacy on consistently solid pop-punk. That hasn't changed on the self-released Left Coast Punk EP. The band have continued to distance themselves from current pop-punk scene in favor of breakneck tempos and Mike Herrera's trademark snarl. Aggressive guitar and bass work give "One Step Further" and "Desperate To Understand" the same sense of urgency as MxPx's old material, but Herrera hasn't lost his ear for melody. "The End" is an ode to youth and friendships and recalls the pop charm of The Ever Passing Moment and Before Everything And After without the kitschy lyrics and sugary production." - ALTPRESS.COM

"MXPX delivered the goods on Left Coast Punk and represented it well." - THE CLEVELAND LEADER

"West coast pop punkers MxPx have come out with the appropriately titled "Left Coast Punk" EP, which takes that band back in time to a melodic "The Ever Passing Moment" meets the ground-breaking rapid force of "Life In General". The first four songs take the fast-paced punk rock style of their early years and combine it with dirty guitars, a driving bass, some well-needed gang vocals, and Mike Herrera's utterly sharp and distinctly high piercing vocals. The verses are completely in-your-face and remind you of the transient punk scene that formed in the early '80's, but then is split by some of the most memorable choruses MxPx have written - just think of "The Ever Passing Moment" era, but minus the sappiness." - WAY TOO LOUD

"'Desperate To Understand' has all the hallmarks of the band at their best..." - PUNKTASTIC

""One Step Further" fires away tight skatepunk with all cylinders maxed out. It takes just half a minute to reach the first chorus, and I'll be damned if you aren't singing along to "One step closer that's a far away, one step closer and I'm proud to say, one step further from the man I was yesterday" after just one listen to the track. No breathing room given to the listener then as "Desperate To Understand" one ups the pace instantly after "One Step Further" finishes and thrashes its way through the catchiest chorus I remember MxPx writing since the stuff on "Life In General." - ROCKFREAKS.NET

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