Mike's Bass up for charity auction!

Check it out... it's going for a really good cause.

Check out the Breathe Deep photo gallery!

We just added some cool pics from day one of the Breathe Deep video shoot! Head over to the gallery to check them out!

Let's Rock Idobi Radio!

Mike will be hanging over at Idobi Friday night (10/20) on the show Xtreme Bitz Make sure ya tune in!

Positive reviews coming in already...

Check out one of the first for Let's Rock

Breathe Deep and You Walk, I Run

Incase you didn't already know this we have two songs from Let's Rock online for you to check out!
You can head over to our bandsite on SideOneDummy or cruise over to
MxPx Myspace and check it out!

Check out the new banners!

Wanna help promote Let's Rock?
Head on over to the "Free Stuff/Banner" section of the site and choose your favorite!

Let's Rock October 24th!

It's less than one month away. Are you ready?
Alright then, Let's Rock with Bremerton WA's finest!
Full of previously unreleased and rare material dating back to The Ever Passing Moment era, this album will become a fan favorite fast!
Just check out this rockin' track listing:

1. You Walk, I Run (Originally on broken bones 7" - Re-Recorded)
2. Every Light (unreleased)
3. 1 And 3 (unreleased)
4. Don't Forget Me (When You're Gone) (unreleased)
5. Breathe Deep (unreleased)
6. Make Up Your Mind (Originally on broken bones 7" - Re-Recorded)
7. Running out Of Time (unreleased)
8. Slow Ride (unreleased)
9. Where Did You Go? (unreleased)
10. Sweet Sweet Thing (acoustic - unreleased)
11. Last Train (acoustic - unreleased)
12. You Walk, I Run (acoustic - unreleased) is taking care of the pre order duties this time around. A rad poster comes with this rarities album when ordered online at
You can check out a clip of the song 1 And 3 at as well. So far the feedback on this track is extremely positive!

MxPx donation goes a long way...

These are some of the tour and mailorder T shirts we donated last fall.. Who knew they would end up so far away??
click image to enlarge(Sierra Leone, Africa) photo by:Arlene
Raub Click Here for the Children of the Nations website

Tour Dates

Event Date Location
07/24/2015 The Observatory
Santa Ana, CA
07/25/2015 The Observatory
Santa Ana, CA

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