Mike to produce Transition

Transition, the latest signing to the Floodgate Records growing roster, has
just confirmed that MXPX's frontman, Mike Herrera, will be producing their
debut album for the label...
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New Merch

Check out the MxPx Store to see some of the new items that have just come in!

You wanted it?!?! You're gettin' it!!!!

BIG NEWS just coming in from The Panic with a K tour!
MxPx's latest album PANIC will be available on vinyl sometime late 2005 to early 2006! Get ready collectors and vinyl lovers!

HM Magazine online exclusive!

Check out a rad interview at HM Magazine Online


Are you heading to the Panic with a K tour?
If you are... go buy tickets NOW! The shows are selling out... QUICK! Don't say we didn't warn you!

Help promote the Panic with a K tour!

Want to help promote the current Panic with a K tour!?
Here’s a really cool flyer for you if you’d like to print it out and pass it around with your local tour date printed in the space provided! So be sure to download it and add the venue, door times, date, etc! Post it to your heart's content.
Let’s get DIY with our bad selves!
Thanks for all your help, MxPx fans are DA BEST!

PxPx Pre-Sale!

LA area fanclub members - we have set up a great opportunity for you to be the first to get tickets to the show at Henry Fonda theater on Nov. 18th. Beginning tomorrow, Saturday Oct 8 at 10am, you will have exclusive access to an online pre-sale for the show! Each member is entitled to 4 tickets, but be sure to hurry because the pre-sale ends Oct. 22! Login to member pages for details.

You like us... You REALLY like us!

MxPx's new video for Wrecking Hotel Rooms was voted as a "Keeper" on FUSE today! Not only was it voted a Keeper... but it was voted as the
That's really saying something! If you haven't voted for the video yet, PLEASE do so... this is your chance to really do something for the band!
Keep it up!

Download Wrecking Hotel Rooms from Fuse

Wanna download MxPx's new single Wrecking Hotel Rooms for free? Head on over to FUSE for today's "Daily Download"!

Some tour surprises on tap!

The Panic With A K Tour!
We’re coming to your town soon! Heading out with our buddies Relient K and Rufio… we’ll have a few special surprises for sure… but one you can count on is seeing us play a few different cover songs this tour. A few of the songs that might be on our set list will be “I’m Gonna Be” aka “500 Miles” By The Proclaimers, and “You Wreck Me” by Tom Petty and a few others…. Bust out the old albums and give them a listen before heading to the show!

Tour Dates

Event Date Location
11/07/2014 Mike Herrera solo at The Manette
Bremerton, WA
11/12/2014 Mike Herrera solo on Anberlin's Final Tour
The House of Blues - Boston, MA
11/13/2014 Mike Herrera solo on Anberlin's Final Tour
Irving Plaza - New York, NY
11/15/2014 Mike Herrera solo on Anberlin's Final Tour
TLA - Philadelphia, PA
11/16/2014 Mike Herrera solo on Anberlin's Final Tour
Irving Plaza - New York, NY
11/17/2014 Mike Herrera solo on Anberlin's Final Tour
The Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY
11/18/2014 Mike Herrera solo on Anberlin's Final Tour
Phoenix Concert Hall - Toronto, ON
11/19/2014 Mike Herrera solo on Anberlin's Final Tour
The House of Blues - Cleveland, OH

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