MxPx featured in Metal Edge magazine!

Metal Edge!?! There's a full page article on MxPx featured in the August '05 issue. Check it out!

PANIC ad on MTV 2!

Keep your eyes open while you're watching MTV 2... There's an awesome commercial for PANIC with some clips from the LA Video shoot for the single, Heard That Sound!

Panic Player

You may have noticed a jukebox poping up around the site. We apologize for the pop ups, now you can just click on the Panic Player icon and you'll be set to enjoy clips of the album with a full version of "Heard That Sound." More full version songs coming soon for PxPx members!

PANIC in stores now!!

It's June 7th 2005 and MxPx's new album PANIC is hittin' the streets HARD!
The reviews are as solid as we've ever seen, the anticipation is high, and the fans are PUMPED!
The first single "Heard That Sound" has a huge buzz behind it with tons of airtime on radio stations in LA, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco and Phoenix. The guys recently wrapped their video shoot and are expecting a release soon.
You've heard the single. You've heard the whole cd via stream this last week. Now it's time... go pick up a copy of MxPx's PANIC right now!

Check out this rad review!

Quite possibly one of the best reviews ever was written by Daniel Brantley at The Here's a quote: "MXPX has undergone a punk rock revival, and Panic is the result. They stripped every bit of gimmick and artificial sweetener from their brand of West Coast Punk. I couldn’t be happier with their effort, and neither could the thousands of punks who have been looking for a new battle cry to sing as they raise their banner and fists in the air."

The Chattanoogan

Campus Circle Article

Click here to check out an article from Campus Circle about Panic.

MxPx is the featured band at Punk Radio Cast

A really cool bio is available as well as the entire MxPx album PANIC! And to top it off, a great 16 minute interview with Mike! Head on over to Punk Radiocast and check it out NOW!

Check out the Guitar Center Ernie Ball bass contest!

We all know Mike has some pretty rad bass guitars... and that they are custom Ernie Ball Stingrays... and we've all probably had a dream of Mike handing us his bass and saying "Hey man, you ROCK! This is for you..." But yaknow, those are dreams. This is reality! Check out the
Guitar Center Ernie Ball giveaway!

PANIC Sneak Preview!

Want to check out the brand new MxPx album PANIC?
Then head on over to

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