Review from Indievision Music

Check out the nice review of Panic at

Phone interview on Idobi Radio

Mike will be calling into DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show tonight (5/26/05) at 6:30 PM PST. Check it out at Idobi Radio.

Mike guest vocals for Route 215.

This is a tough one... Details are sketchy at best.
We just wanted to let you know Mike did a little work with East London's Route 215.
Mike sang on the bridge of a song called Fight Song that appears on the Route 215 album Shock 'Em Dead.

<b>PANIC</b> article at Top 40 Charts website

Check out a great article at Top 40 Charts.
The future is looking bright!

KROQ Weenie Roast

MxPx will Lead off the SOLD OUT KROQ Wennie Fest on the Main Stage this Saturday May 21st at 3:15 PM. They are currently number 9 on the most requested list and number 7 on the most played list thanks to YOU, the fans. If you don't score tickets to the KROQ Weenie Roast 2005 you can still check out all the action online. See the performance complete and uncut, with exclusive backstage footage all on KROQ.COM

Updated MYSPACE page!

Are you a friend of MxPx yet? Head on over to
MYSPACE and check out two new MxPx songs from PANIC! "The Darkest Places" and "Heard That Sound" are both available for your listening pleasure!

Don't forget to send us your MxPx ink!

We're still looking for pictures of our fans with MxPx related tattoos! If you have one (or MORE), send your pics to
We're putting together a special gallery just for you guys!
While we're on the topic of art... make sure you check out the Graceland Comic in our photo gallery! Some friends of ours put this together, and it turned out really well! Thanks go out to Jenn Kerr.
Jenn also did the "bio" artwork as well.

How Is Your Love Life?

Need some pointers? Don't have any game? Then check out Loveline this Thursday night (5/19/05) with special guest MxPx! That's right! Mike, Tom and Yuri will be on air to share their expert knowledge of love and dating... Well, at least the part about them being on air is true!
Loveline with Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla

MxPx Leads Off Warped Tour 2005 Comp!

SideOneDummy's 2005 Warped Tour Compilation will feature MxPx's song "The Darkest Places". Tons of great bands are on this HUGE disk... Get yours on June 7th!

Want To Hear That Sound?

Not sure where you can tune in for the new MxPx radio single "Heard That Sound"? We've put together a list of radio stations that are either playing the single now, or will be soon! Let's spread the word and make this list bigger! So check it out, and listen up for the hottest song on the airwaves!

Los Angeles KROQ-FM

San Francisco KITS-FM

Las Vegas KXTE-FM

Seattle KNDD-FM

Phoenix KEDJ-FM

Harrisburg WQXA-FM

St. Louis KPNT-FM

Monterey/Salinas KMBY-FM


Orlando WOCL-FM

Pensacola WTKX-FM

Cincinnati WAQZ-FM

San Diego XTRA-FM

Richmond WRXL-FM

Columbia SC WARQ-FM

Buffalo WEDG-FM

West Palm WPBZ-FM

Nashville WBUZ-FM

Grand Rapids WGRD-FM


Bakersfield KRAB-FM

Oklahoma City KHBZ-FM

Fresno KFRR-FM

Sacramento KHWD-FM

Louisville WTFX-FM


New Orleans KKND-FM

Raleigh WBBB-FM

Louisville WLRS-FM

Spokane KHTQ-FM

Burlington, VT WBTZ-FM

Memphis WMFS-FM

Charleston WAVF-FM

Lafayette, LA KFTE-FM

Lexington WXZZ-FM

Gainesville WRUF-FM

Chattanooga WDOD-FM

Appleton WWWX-FM

Pittsburgh WRKZ-FM

Sarasota WTZB-FM

Tucson KFMA-FM

San Diego KIOZ-FM

Denver KTCL-FM

Salt Lake City KXRK-FM

Charlotte WEND-FM

Madison, WI WMAD-FM

Greenville, NC WXNR-FM

Cleveland WXTM-FM

Tour Dates

Event Date Location
09/20/2014 Mike Herrera solo - Music 4 Cancer Fest
Le Montecristo - Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec
10/01/2014 Brighton Music Hall
Boston, MA
10/02/2014 Gramercy Theatre
New York, NY
10/03/2014 The Black Cat
Washington, D.C.
10/04/2014 Altar Bar
Pittsburgh, PA
10/05/2014 The Waiting Room
Buffalo, NY
10/07/2014 Lee's Palace
Toronto, ON
10/08/2014 The Magic Stick
Detroit, MI
10/09/2014 The Southgate House
Cincinnati, OH
10/10/2014 The Firebird
St. Louis, MO
10/11/2014 Mojoes
Joliet, IL

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