Secret Weapon

Release Date: 

Tooth & Nail Records

1. Secret Weapon Play
2. Shut It Down Play
3. Here's To The Life Play
4. Top Of The Charts Play
5. Angels Play
6. Contention Play
7. Drowning Play
8. Chop Shop Play
9. You're On Fire Play
10. Bass So Low Play
11. Sad Sad Song Play
12. Never Better Than Now Play
13. Biting The Bullet Is Bad For Business Play
14. Not Nothing Play
15. Tightly Wound Play
16. Hooha Jangle Play
17. Madcap Scheme Play
18. Throw Your Body In The Air Play

Tour Dates

Event Date Location
03/13/2015 Gothic Theatre
Denver, CO
03/14/2015 The Showbox
Seattle, WA

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