Tour Dates Archive

Event Date Location Attendance
10/08/2012 Unionway Fest @ Shibuya AX (MxPx All Stars)
10/07/2012 Unionway Fest @ Diamond Hall (MxPx All Stars)
10/06/2012 Unionwway Fest @ Chicken George (MxPx All Stars)
Kobe, Japan
09/30/2012 The Masquerade (MxPx All Stars)
Atlanta, GA
09/12/2012 Farmers' Market (MIKE SOLO)
Oklahoma City, OK
09/11/2012 The Loft (MIKE SOLO)
Dallas, TX
09/10/2012 Red 7
Austin, TX - Mike Solo
09/10/2012 Red 7 (MIKE SOLO)
Austin, TX
08/31/2012 Joshua Fest (MxPx)
Plymouth, CA
2 went
08/16/2012 Frequency Festival (MxPx All Stars)
St Polten, Austria
08/15/2012 Punk Rock Holiday (MxPx All Stars)
Tolmin, Slovenia
08/14/2012 Carroponte Festival (MxPx All Stars)
Milano, Italy
1 went
08/12/2012 Kafee Aloys (MxPx All Stars)
Eindhoven, Netherlands
08/11/2012 Ieperfestival (MxPx All Stars)
Ieper, Belgium
08/10/2012 Kloemprock Festival (MxPx All Stars)
Bunsbeek, Belgium
08/09/2012 Frizon Festival (ALL-STARS)
Kumla, Sweden
08/08/2012 Craufurd Arms (ALLSTARS)
Milton Keynes, UK
08/07/2012 Cathouse (ALL-STARS)
Glasgow, UK
08/06/2012 The Duchees (ALL-STARS)
York, UK
08/05/2012 Rebellion Festival (ALL-STARS)
Blackpool, UK
08/04/2012 Open Air (ALL-STARS)
Granichen, Switzerland
08/03/2012 Resurrection Festival (ALL-STARS)
Viveiro, Spain
08/02/2012 I-Boat (ALL-STARS)
Bordeaux, France
07/30/2012 Free And Easy Festival (ALL-STARS)
Munchen, Germany
07/29/2012 Beat Club (ALL-STARS)
Dessau, Germany
07/28/2012 Scream It Out Loud Festival (ALL-STARS)
Dusseldorf, Germany
07/27/2012 Riez Open Air (ALL-STARS)
Bausendort, Germany
07/21/2012 Burn Out Festival (ALL-STARS)
Wolfurt, Austria
07/20/2012 Resurrection Festival
Viveiro, Spain
07/15/2012 6th St Open Air (Tumbledown)
Tacoma, Washington
1 went
07/07/2012 The Trocadero (MXPX)
Philadelphia, PA
2 went
07/06/2012 Best Buy Theatre (MXPX)
New York, NY
5 went
07/02/2012 The Tractor (Mike Solo)
Seattle, WA
06/30/2012 House of Blues (MXPX)
West Hollywood, CA
4 went
06/29/2012 House of Blues (MXPX)
Anaheim, CA
4 went
06/24/2012 Ventura County Fair Grounds (MIKE SOLO)
Ventura, CA
06/23/2012 AT&T Park (MIKE SOLO)
San Francisco, CA
06/22/2012 Pomona Fairplex (MIKE SOLO)
Pomona, CA
1 went
06/21/2012 Orange County Great Park (MIKE SOLO)
Irvine, CA

Tour Dates

Event Date Location
03/13/2015 Gothic Theatre
Denver, CO
03/14/2015 The Showbox
Seattle, WA

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