It's Christmas And I'm Sick!

Happy Holidays MxPx style!
Hey everyone... just wanted to let you know we're trying something new this Christmas.
Our annual Fanclub Christmas song will be available online as a download. We'll have album art, a Christmas greeting, and some other fun stuff up there as well. So check out "It's Christmas And I'm Sick" over at
We're taking a more DIY approach to many of our projects, so it's all being done 100% by us. Hope you like it!
The song will be available into the new year, so you still have time to sign up and get it!
Merry Christmas!

Tour Dates

Event Date Location
05/08/2015 Concord Music Hall
Chicago, IL
05/09/2015 The Agora Ballroom
Cleveland, OH
06/12/2015 Crystal Ballroom
Portland, Oregon
06/13/2015 Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, British Columbia

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