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Original release November 19, 1996 0n Tooth and Nail Records on CD


  1. Middlename
  2. My Mom Still Cleans My Room
  3. Do Your Feet Hurt
  4. Sometimes You Have To Ask Yourself
  5. The Wonder Years
  6. Move To Bremerton
  7. New York To Nowhere
  8. Andrea
  9. Your Problem My Emergency
  10. Chick Magnet
  11. Today Is In My Way
  12. Sorry So Sorry
  13. Doing Time
  14. Correct Me If I'm Wrong
  15. Cristalena
  16. Destroyed By You
  17. Southbound​

Three exciting variants to choose from. AND there are a limited number of signed copies available, signed by Mike, Tom and Yuri.

FYI:If you are ordering from outside of the US, the shipping charge does not include any coverage for paying Duties upon arrival in your country.The shipping that we charge is what it actually costs us to send to you.Thanks for your understanding.

FYI: Media mail is less expensive and includes tracking but does not include insurance.


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