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1. "Never Learn"

2. "Begin to Start"

3. "Swing Set Girl"

4. "Sick Boy" (Social Distortion Cover)

5. "Oh Donna" (Ritchie Valens Cover)

6. "Small Town Minds"

7. "First Class Mail"

8. "Can't See Not Saying"

9. "GSF"

10. "Thoughts and Ideas"

11. "Easier Said than Done"

12. "Rock and Roll Girl"

13. "Important Enough to Mention"

14. "Elvis is Dead"

15. "Lifetime Enlightenment"

16. "Let it Happen"

17. "Hot and Cold"

18. "So Kill Me"

19. "Suggestion Box"

20. "Creation"

21. "Want Ad"

22. "Honest Answers"

23. "Late Last Night"

24. "Biased Bigotry"

25. "Circumstance"

26. "Do Your Feet Hurt?" (Critter Version)

27. "Move to Bremerton" (Extended Version)

28. "Chick Magnet" (Demo Version)

29. "Sorry So Sorry" (Demo Version)

30. "Christalena" (Demo Version)

31. "South Bound" (Demo Version)

32. "Life in General" (Demo Version)

FYI: Some of these are promo copies and may have a cut in the case or a small holed drilled through the barcode. This in no way effects the disk or the booklet. We were able to get a good deal on these from the record label and so are passing the savings on to you.

FYI #2:If you are ordering from outside of the US, the shipping charge does not include any coverage for paying Duties upon arrival in your country.The shipping that we charge is what it actually costs us to send to you.Thanks for your understanding.

FYI #3: Media mail is less expensive and includes tracking but does not include insurance.


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